The Project “Social Media Meditation” was initiated by media artist Matthias Pitscher as part of his Bachelor thesis at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2017.


Thanks to everyone that helped me realize the vision I had in mind.
Special thanks goes to:

Lina Gräf for the amazing photographs.
Martin Melcher and Natsumi Sugiyama for sitting model.
Marco Schröder for the amazing soundtrack.
Mara May for audio recording.
Kevin Jahnel for mastering.
Rafael Sabino and Andrea Karle for helping at the Media Art Award exhibition

Thanks to all my friends that helped me conceptualize this idea:
Francis Kamprath, Rama Bielewski, Paul Haas, Anna Hack, Mara May, Michael Fischer, Marco Schröder, Christoph Balduin Stroppel, Clemens Bast, Ayla Güney, Jonathan Wedler.

Thanks to my parents for generous funding and support
To my sister and my brother for always being there for me.

Finally thanks to my professors Ursula Damm and Michael Markert.

Legal Notice

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Matthias Schäfer
Rossegerweg 17
51545 Waldbröl

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and therefore should only be reproduced with contribution to and should not be used commercially.


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