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What is Social Media Meditation?

Social Media Meditation is a practice that helps internet users to be more mindful online. With simple techniques like #mindfulscrolling everyone can benefit from a healthy lifestyle with technology.

Where can you learn it?

Free courses are available in different locations on an irregular basis. Just follow our facebook page to always be up to date for upcoming events. You can also try out a guided meditation now if you scroll up and press play.


Researchers have found out that people feel worse after using social networks. Still companies have figured out a way to make us hooked on their services.
Join our movement of mindful users, who will make the internet a happier place.

What People Say


“Social Media Meditation allowed me to focus on myself again and rekindle with the self love I had lost. I spend my day and nights at other people, only to realize that I ignored… myself. Now that I reconnected I realize I am a better manager, friend, lover, daughter and sister.”
~ Jessica Seaman, Founder of Passion Co.


“Since I started mindful scrolling I stopped using facebook completely.”
~ Mark Zuckeberg, CEO of Facebook.


“I never thought that meditation is something for me, but now that I can share it with my friends, I started doing it every day!”
~ Rachel Smith, Twitter user.


Social Media Meditation in Warsaw

The very first Social Media Meditation at WISPAW in Warsaw.

Social Media Meditation in Weimar

Social Media Meditation at MNEUN in Weimar.

Social Media Meditation in Weimar

Another successful Meditation Session in a Yoga Studio in Weimar.

Social Media Meditation in Frankfurt

Smart walking meditation during the Node Forum for Digital Arts in Frankfurt.

Social Media Meditation in Weimar

"Scrolling 'til the end of my feed" during Medienkunstpreis in Weimar.

Social Media Meditation in Athens

Meditation session during Athens Digital Arts Festival

Social Media Meditation at Bitkom

Meditation session at Bitkom with Sofia Braga

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